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Teke O’Reilly has had the privilege of being right in the middle of the coworking industry’s evolution and co-creation. Teke’s passion for making connections, and nurturing far-reaching relationships, has given him access to hundreds of individuals who all take pride in sharing knowledge, collaborating on ideas, and ensuring the overall success of the Minnesota tech scene.

In one sentence, tell us about your venue and why it rocks!

Our coworking space is serene and well-lit, with state of the art amenities and a variety of breakout rooms.

Ok, so tell us more about the space. What makes it unique and awesome?

We’re the nation’s first center for SportsTech entrepreneurs, with access to all of Minnesota’s top talent.


What neighborhood is your office located in, what’s nearby (landmarks/transit/commerce) & what’s your favorite neighborhood spot?

We are located in the vibrant arts district of Northeast Minneapolis. Home to 100s of galleries, restaurants, parks, bike paths, microbreweries, and distilleries, The Pitch is right in the thick of the action. Adjacent to SportsEngine in the Highlight Center, The Pitch also offers proximity and access to the nation’s best tech talent, investors, and thought leaders. Just 10 minutes from downtown Minneapolis and the Mississippi River, you cannot want for all the city has to offer.

What do you do for your team and what are your goals/dreams/aspirations for the future of shared workspace?

As Executive Director of The Pitch, it is my singular duty to connect all of the players, local and national, in the burgeoning SportsTech industry. From venture capitalists to young developers with a great idea, we bring everyone together for innovation, collaboration, and world market domination.

Why is working in a shared space like yours a great option for entrepreneurs and startup teams?

The energy and passion among our startups is high, the traction is real, and the talent is undeniable. The Mentor network is heavily active at all levels of development, from early stage to Series funding.

How did you hear about LiquidSpace?

I’ve used LiquidSpace since 2011 as both an internal management tool for coworking, and a personal source for space across the country. Best in class!

What impact has LiquidSpace had on your business?

LiquidSpace always makes it easy to manage our internal meeting rooms, and consistently brings in good people from all over the world to visit our spaces.

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