Venue Spotlight: ECO-SYSTM

Good, Clean, Fun in San Francisco.

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Charles Shaw, Community Manager for ECO-SYSTM, shares a bit of insight on how ECO-SYSTM has sought to incorporate eco-conscious views into their coworking culture and community.

Q: In one sentence, tell us about your Venue and why it rocks!

A: We integrate top notch facilities with Eco-concious practices, while creating a holistic atmosphere for both professional and personal growth.

Q: Ok, so tell us more about the space. What makes it unique and awesome?

A: We set out to provide an space that would encourage business acumen, creativity, health, personal enjoyment, and social consciousness. In doing so we have been able to lay the foundation for a growing community of fantastic and interesting coworkers who make up the true life-force of Eco-Systm. phone booths

Q: What neighborhood is your office located in, what’s nearby (landmarks/transit/commerce) & what’s your favorite neighborhood spot?

A: We are located right in the heart of SOMA, just up the road from the Montgomery Bart station and the Trans-Bay Terminal. We are literally surrounded by great restaurants, bars, parks and museums, and our own space is shared with the Mirus Art Gallery, providing our members with a beautiful rotating art collection featuring artists from around the world!

Q: What do you do for your team and what are your goals/dreams/aspirations for the future of shared workspace?

A: I am the Community and Events Manager of Eco-Systm Coworking and my goal here is to provide a clean, healthy, fun and safe environment for anyone looking to jump into the shared office culture.

Q: Why is working in a shared space like yours a great option for entrepreneurs and startup teams?

A: Our space caters to entrepreneurs, start up teams and independent professionals of all shapes and sizes, by combining a clean, professional work-space and a creative, collaborative culture focusing on organic professional development above all else. We want our members to walk in every morning immediately feeling inspired to take on new creative challenges!

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Q: How did you hear about LiquidSpace?

A: I originally heard about LiquidSpace when I first entered the wonderful world of coworking. They were introduced as the go-to service for managing space requests, bookings and transactions.

Q: What impact has LiquidSpace had on your business?

A: LiquidSpace has made a huge difference in our day-to-day operations by enabling members and guests to easily reserve our spaces through their simple and efficient platform.

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