Simple Office Booking & Discovery – LiquidSpace Company Values Part 2

This blog about simple office booking is the second chapter in our LiquidSpace company values series.

When it comes to simple office booking, no one does it better than LiquidSpace. The entire process, from discovery, to support, to touring, booking, and payment is easy to understand and implement. We’re the real estate Network for everyone. You don’t have to be a broker or CRE professional to use LiquidSpace. Read on to learn how we stand by our commitment to #simple at LiquidSpace.

To me simple underpins everything we do. From product flow to customer experience, my focus is on removing the “Ugh, why do I have to do that?” moments. We’re building a product so people forget there’s even a screen between them and their goal. We’re all about bringing smiles to faces, and making simple office booking available to everyone. – Elena Luneva, Head of Product

simple office booking


So how does simple benefit you?


A vast workspace network in your pocket.

You don’t need any special skills or technology to access (and benefit) from the LiquidSpace Network. We have thousands of workspaces in hundreds of cities, and you can access all of that from your smartphone. Download our mobile app (on iPhone or Android) and get going. Because you can search, favorite, and book space straight from your smartphone, our mobile app is the simplest way to make use of the Network.

The easiest way to search.

When you need a simple way to find your perfect office match, LiquidSpace has your back. Our search process allows you to filter by size, amenities, price, and more. In fact, if you wanna see a sampling of the amenities you can search for on LiquidSpace, check out this blog, by our Head of Product, Elena Luneva.

5 Must Have Office Amenities

Filtering your workspace search could be the easiest way to find more relevant options, quickly and easily. Once you find a few options you like, you can Favorite those spaces and add them to your Collections. Here’s a few tips on how to create Collections.

Simple office booking for any size.

Whether you need space for an hour, or a few years, you can find plenty of options on LiquidSpace. We have workspaces for any size and type of team, from professionals to enterprises. If you’re a fast-growth team that needs a flexible office solution that can grow with you, check out altSpace. Not only will you get a simple office booking process with altSpace, but you’ll also get flexibility and customization. Whether you need the personal touch that comes with a traditional lease, or the dynamic environment of a coworking space, you get both with altSpace. A flexible office solution that does it all? It doesn’t get any simpler than that.

No lease, no hassle.

One of the most complicated aspects of office space comes with signing the lease. Well, if you find your perfect office match with LiquidSpace you don’t have to worry about a lease. Compared to the traditional commercial real estate lease, which can be hundreds of pages long, our 12-page DASH License® is dead simple. You don’t even have to print it out. And, if you’re a venue or host who wants to add your own terms or house rules, that’s easy as pie too!



We hope you’re as excited about simple office booking as we are. Thanks for joining us on our journey to make this a reality. We hope you come along for the ride as we transform the commercial real estate industry to make it more accessible for everyone.

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