Coworking in Manhattan Part 1: Getting Stuff Done

In the city that never sleeps and is always on the move, New Yorkers are all about getting stuff done. Workspace flexibility in a culture of hardworking yet fun-loving folks is crucial to the day-to-day lives of most NYC coworkers. Many coworking spots in Manhattan embody these essential elements, and if you’re looking to get stuff done, coworking on the island in the middle of the universe might just be for you. here are a few of my favorite coworking spot in the city.

Coworking in Style

Space 530 is exemplary of the New York City fashion scene. It’s home to numerous fashion companies and designers, as well as others in the startup world. The venue features an elegant, bold, and simple design across two floors, with shared coworking space plus various meeting nooks, conference rooms, and private offices. 

Working in Space 530, you can feel the creativity all around, with some of the latest and greatest fashion companies showcasing their newest work, and utilizing the spaces as showrooms. In the common area, the long gallery table accommodates about a dozen coworkers, and it’s often fairly crowded.

If you’re coworking with others, it might make sense to reserve one of the semi-private or private workspaces at Space 530. You’ll still have access to the common area, with perks like cold brew on tap, and a commercial grade ice machine, but you’ll also get the added benefit of your own space.

Work Like a Bookworm

LiquidSpace has plenty of amazing coworking spots available by the hour or the day, but many of the workspaces on LiquidSpace are only available on month to month terms. If you’re looking for workspace for more than just the day, then check out the LiquidSpace coworking spots available on monthly terms.

I spent a few months in one monthly-only space in New York City’s Garment District. But, unlike Space 530, this workspace didn’t have anything to do with garments or fashion. Zola Books is a bookworm’s dream. Zola is a social eBook retailer, with plenty of supplemental products, and the Zola office space is home to about a dozen book-loving folks, including a small literary agency.

Zola’s team occupies the majority of the space, but there’s also an area with couches and a conference table, which is useful if you have a need for meeting space. There are physical books throughout the entire space, with each company featuring their client’s books on the office’s many shelves.

In terms of available listings, Zola has a single desk, as well as a larger listing for a small team. You’ll probably want to be on the book scene, or at least a book lover to work in Zola, as you’ll be surrounded by books all day.

A Quiet Place to Work

Are you all about working liquid and grinding out good work all day? Unsurprisingly, one of the best places for grinding out an effective day’s work is Grind Workspaces on Broadway. There are a few Grind locations in NYC, but Grind Broadway is my favorite. Although Grind is typically packed with people, the folks who work here all about work, so you won’t find a much quieter coworking space in all of Manhattan.

What I love most about Grind is that there are so many unique working areas and furniture. I’m also really into the selection of coffees and teas at Grind, plus the location is prime. So if you need a quiet coworking spot, get grinding!

Whether you’re in Manhattan for an hour, a day, or a month, finding a coworking spot in NYC is easy with LiquidSpace.

Richard Heby
Content Manager / New Yorker

Topics: Coworking, Manhattan, nyc, WFA Spaces

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