3 Easy Ways to Ensure You’re Ready to Provide a Great Customer Experience

How can you best prepare for LiquidSpace guests, to deliver an experience that keeps them coming back and starts them talking about you? That was the subject of our most recent “Delivering the LiquidSpace Experience” webinar. It’s about delivering an irresistible experience.

You can watch the whole webinar online, but I want to highlight three LiquidSpace venue tools from the video that will help make delivering the irresistible experience easier — and scalable.

1. Reservation Confirmations via Email

You know these. When a member creates a reservation, we dash off the details to you with the who, when, and where. Reviewing these right away ensures you have the maximum prep time. At that point, you can also reach out to the LiquidSpace guest with specifics on requested amenities or even just to say, “We’ve got you covered.”

2. Daily Agenda Email

Since reservations are often created weeks in advance, we send out a Daily Agenda notification email at the end of the day to give venue administrators a heads up about any LiquidSpace guests arriving the next day. It’s a valuable overview and a great way to keep an eye out for guests coming in first thing in the morning.

The Agenda is sent at 4pm your time and includes a list of LiquidSpace guests with arrival time, workspace, and requested amenities for each upcoming reservation. Currently, the agenda goes to venue owners and any designated notification email recipients. Check out this LearningSpace article to see how to edit your notification list.

It’s important to note, last-minute reservations won’t appear on the agenda if they’re made after it goes out, so be sure to review any confirmation emails for bookings created after that. If you want to limit last-minute reservations, you can put a booking window in place with a minimum lead time set.

3. Guest Arrival Notifications via Email and Text

We know you and your staff are actively engaging with members and guests at your venue all day. Sometimes that means being everywhere at once. With an Arrival Notification delivered over SMS 15 minutes ahead of a LiquidSpace guest’s scheduled arrival, no matter where your team happens to be in the building, we can remind you that a guest is just a few minutes away.

And when they walk in the door, you have their first name in the palm of your hand. The start of an irresistible experience.

The Arrival Notifications can be sent via email or text message to a mobile device. Learn more about setting up guest Arrival Notifications at your venue.


Notifications set the glide path to your door, from there, it’s about the experience on site. Creating a rapport with your new guests and helping them create a successful experience makes more than repeat customers, it turns them into advocates.

Be sure to also check out the guest readiness guidebook for more tips on preparing for LiquidSpace guests. And watch the whole “Delivering the LiquidSpace Experience” webinar online anytime.

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