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This post about workspace freedom is part of a new content campaign known as LiquidSpace Voices, where each week one member from our team offers insight into their experiences, expertise, or thoughts related to flexible work, workspace freedom, commercial real estate, working at LiquidSpace, and more.

At LiquidSpace I have had so many opportunities to explore the world through the lens of flexible work, and one of my first experiences at LiquidSpace was at the Disrupt CRE conference in NYC. There, I was able to see some insightful talks by CRE leaders (including LiquidSpace’s own Mark Gilbreath) and connect with other companies and professionals, like Jared Kaliner of VTS.exercising workspace freedom at Disrupt CREMark talking about workspace freedomWe’re a distributed team at LiquidSpace so I’m able to work anywhere in the world and travel on my own time. And because our network features thousands of workspaces in the US, Canada, and Australia, I’m able to get things done wherever I go, simply by booking the workspace I need, when I need it, in a few clicks.

In my year at LiquidSpace I’ve been able to set and surpass many goals and achieve a number of key milestones while maintaining my workspace freedom. What I love best about being on team LiquidSpace is that I have the freedom to work independently and set my own objectives (and schedule, for that matter), while at the same time I know there’s a supporting team that’s got my back and always willing to lend a helping hand. Cheers to teamwork! Here’s a photo of me with Elena Luneva, our Head of Product at LiquidSpace, as we enjoy cocktails on a rooftop bar in midtown Manhattan.

workspace freedom means Happy Hour with the teamRecently I traveled to Houston and while I was there I was able to flex my workspace freedom muscles and explore some of the best coworking spaces in the city. Wi+Cowork was one of my favorite spots, and Juan, who runs the place was super friendly and accommodating. Take a look:Juan of Wi+Cowork practices Workspace Freedom

workspace freedom in Houston

While in Houston I also had time to enjoy the lovely Level Office on Rusk Street. It’s a creative and productive space, but my favorite part of Level Office in Houston was the coffee machine, churning out robo-coffees and cappuccinos at the push of a button. Here’s the Level Office space:

get your Workspace Freedom at Level Office in H-townAs a New York City native, having the ability to explore all the nooks and crannies of my city through the LiquidSpace network and beyond is an exciting opportunity. I’ve coworked at dozens of spaces in New York City, some part of our network, and some public. Here are a few of my favorites spots to work in NYC:

Workspace Freedom at Spark Labs

I booked a coworking day pass at Spark Labs with a few of my out-of-town colleagues


Workspace Freedom means working outside

When the weather is warm outside, nothing beats working in Bryant Park

Being a remote worker has afforded me so much workspace freedom and so many more opportunities. I love being a digital nomad and remote worker at LiquidSpace and I’m so proud to be able to exercise my workspace freedom.

Richard Heby
Content Manager / Workspace Freedom Advocate

Topics: flexibility, workplace freedom, New York

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