Work From Anywhere. Introducing Membership by LiquidSpace

LiquidSpace is harnessing its large network of coworking spaces to launch an ultra-flexible membership specifically designed for the millions of Americans now working from home. With Membership by LiquidSpace, you can become a member of your local coworking space and receive discounted member rates to book on-demand office space without committing to a full-time office. Pay for what you need and nothing more.

Working from home doesn’t always work. Whether you need a quiet office for an important board meeting or you need to get out of the house because of your son’s drum lessons, Membership allows you to rent a professional workspace when you need to focus. 

Membership by LiquidSpace is launching in the San Francisco Bay Area to serve professionals where they live. Whether in the city or the suburbs, you can find a private space in your neighborhood. Membership gives you:

  • A professional work environment near home
  • Clean and private spaces
  • Fast and reliable internet
  • A productive place without interruption 

Membership by LiquidSpace also provides:

  • Ultimate flexibility – Members pay only when office space is needed and membership can be canceled anytime.
  • A sense of belonging – As a full-fledged member of a local coworking venue, Members receive invites to Member-only events, and stay up to date on community happenings.
  • Discounts on private workspaces – 20% off on-demand private offices, meeting rooms, and dedicated desks.
  • Travel benefits –  10% discount on private offices, meeting rooms and desks at other participating venues on LiquidSpace.

When working from home isn’t working for you, get your on-demand office with Membership by LiquidSpace. Check out a list of our current participating venues and check back often as we add venues throughout the U.S. or learn more about the benefits.

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