What Makes Pacific Business Centers so Special? Our Clients and Our Friends.


What makes Pacific Business Centers (PBC) proud?

  • We have nurtured hundreds of successful companies in our walls, big and small
  • We have provided office shelter to thousands of corporate refugees
  • Hundreds of meaningful business relationships have formed between our customers
  • We have helped reduce carbon footprint by eKillTheCommute and increase teleworkers’ productivity
  • Our secured walls are silent witnesses for hundreds of brilliant ideas that emerge in our conference rooms and collaborative spaces every day
  • We have helped our customers slash office occupancy costs
  • We are a recognized world leader in virtual offices which we first brought to Cupertino 27 years ago
  • We have partnered with over 250 office touchdown locations so that our customers office space moves with them as they travel across the country
  • We make new friends everyday
  • We CARE!

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