Video and Virtual Office Tours

A safe and effective way to market your flexible office space venue. 

Adding video or virtual tours to your online LiquidSpace office listings is a great way to share your venue remotely with those who can’t visit in person. As the world practices social distancing, it is a great opportunity to boost your space profile with video or even virtual tours. 

A video tour can be simple and fast. You can offer live video tours as needed, or you can save time by recording a video tour and adding it to your office listings for on-demand viewing. Use these tips as you look to add video tours to your listings: 

  1. An effective virtual tour doesn’t need to be professionally made or highly produced.
  2. You can use any mobile device to walk a prospective customer through your space. 
  3. Walkthrough the space with a camera as if you are walking through with the prospect in person. The camera should be at eye level to provide a human perspective. 
  4. Highlight the things that matter most to people right now including ways to productively work while practicing social distancing. If you have private offices, show people how they would enter these offices while keeping their distance. 
  5. If you are using a handheld camera it is best to invest in a stabilizer to keep your camera steady.
  6. Keep your camera as vertical or horizontal as possible.
  7. Be careful to avoid glass and mirror reflections. 
  8. If there are people in your video, make sure you have a documented model release before you post your video for public consumption.
  9. Keep your video under 2 minutes highlighting the important areas of your space.
  10. Host your video on YouTube and then add the YouTube share link here:

You can also add a virtual tour. You can create a virtual tour by hiring a third-party provider, or you can use a 360-degree camera and virtual-tour software to produce your own virtual tour. Here are some things to keep in mind when producing a virtual tour: 

  1. Use a 360-degree camera with a quality monopod to set up the right virtual tour angles. 
  2. Use the highest image-quality setting available on your camera.
  3. Get photos from multiple locations in a room and then determine which perspective shows the room best.
  4. You can also invest in virtual-tour software. Here is a video about the different platforms available. 
  5. If you do want to use a professional resource for your virtual tour, LiquidSpace has partnered with Snappr, which gives all LiquidSpace partners get 20% off their purchase: Enter the coupon code “LQDSPC” at checkout for 20% off a purchase of $100 or more.

If you want to offer a next-level customer experience you can do a LIVE video tour walking the customer through your space through a live video platform such as Zoom or FaceTime while allowing them to ask questions and help guide what they would like to see.

Virtual tours, whether live or recorded, can be a great way to make it more convenient for your prospects, even as business goes back to a more normal setting. Virtual tours can be shared with others who may be part of the decision making process. And, virtual tours are a great marketing tool to highlight your space in a more engaging way.  

Don’t forget to share your video tour on LiquidSpace. Here are some simple instructions to add your video tour. 

Here is an example of a virtual tour available on LiquidSpace today.  We support Matterport virtual tours. If you already have a Matterport tour you can upload it to your LiquidSpace profile by following the same directions for videos to your venue profile and playing your link in the next box. 

  • Don’t have a Matterport tour? Our partner Snappr can schedule a photoshoot and Matterport tour. Learn more
  • Do you have a different type of virtual tour? Email our team and we’ll review adding support for hosting additional virtual tour types in the coming weeks. 

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