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Here at LiquidSpace, we like to know as much as we can about our venue partners. This month, we sat down with Kayley Carswell, Center Manager of Sales for Level Office in Chicago, to learn more about their unique offerings, variety of space types and what they’re doing to differentiate Level Office from other shared space providers.

In one sentence, tell us about your venue and why it rocks!

Level Office offers fully-furnished and amenity-rich workspaces with direct fiber internet and WiFi, in prime locations across the U.S. so your business can thrive.

Kickass! Tell us more…what makes Level Office workspaces unique and awesome?

Level Office provides a number of flexible pricing options to provide clients with every possible option when it comes to each stage of business, including budget-friendly private offices, fully furnished private office suites that can accommodate 1-100 person companies, virtual office space, daily workspacecoworking, meeting rooms and event spaces. Perfect for freelancers, professionals and companies expanding into new markets or simply looking for an impressive new office space.

Level Office Chicago

What neighborhood is your office located in, what’s nearby (landmarks/transit/commerce) & what’s your favorite neighborhood spot?

We are located on the border of the Central Loop and West Loop in downtown Chicago. We are 1 block away from Union Station, 3 blocks from Ogilvie, and 1 block from the EL. The major landmark across the street from 318 W Adams is the Willis Tower! This is where all the action happens.

What do you do for your team and what are your goals/dreams/aspirations for the future of shared workspace?

The name of my company is Level Office and I am the Center Manager of Sales in Chicago. My hope for shared workspace is an environment where the local providers can support each other and work for the common good of the growing businesses. Chicago has a special small business scene and it has been exciting to see the surge in interest for this type of space going away from more corporate, traditional space to flexible office options.

Why is working in a shared space like yours a great option for entrepreneurs and startup teams?

We are a growing company ourselves and can relate with the companies we provide space to. The main benefits of Level are the all-inclusive rental rate, ability to add an office/upgrade or custom build-out your own suite in the near future, balance of privacy and open space, and avoiding a per-person cost each time you hire a new employee.

Level Office Chicago

How did you hear about LiquidSpace?

I heard about LiquidSpace when it first came on the scene and thought it was a great outlet to promote our private offices, co-working space, virtual office membership, meetings space and event space.

What impact has LiquidSpace had on your business?

We have done many deals with LiquidSpace for conference room bookings and a couple private office agreements. They have been great to work with and I look forward to our continued partnership together!

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