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#JellyWeek 2012 on Demand

Global #JellyWeek 2012 runs January 16-22 – an around the world celebration of spontaneous meet-ups and serendipitous problem-solving. To participate in a jelly, you only need an open mind about meeting new people and working somewhere different once in a while. To learn more about Global #JellyWeek 2012 or how to start your own jelly visit jellyweek.tumblr.com. Read more

Announcing Mobile Work Week, December 5-9, 2011

We’re happy to announce an entire week dedicated to celebrating mobile working, December 5-9 in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’re calling it Mobile Work Week.

It’s a LiquidSpace open house across town. For an entire week, venues throughout the Bay Area have opened their doors in celebration of a new way of working and living. Read more

Musings on Knowledge Work and Place

Like most readers of this blog I am a knowledge worker. I use my head to create value. Sure, I use my hands too, but mostly just to hit little square pieces of plastic in a particular sequence that produces images of text on a plasma screen. Sometimes I hold a pen and spread ribbons of ink on paper as another way to create and communicate my ideas. But however I record my ideas, it’s what goes on in my head that matters. Read more