Workplace 2024 - A postcard from the future

Our Skipper, Mark Gilbreath, invited some of the best in the business to share a “Postcard from the future”, with a headline that they expect or would love to see 12 months from today. It was no surprise to us that they see a bright future.

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The future of work has arrived. Here’s how to make it work for you.

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Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could see into the future? If the last three years are anything to go by, the future of work is fluid and can rapidly change.


The effects of COVID-19 have certainly had a profound and lasting impact on work and workplace. Hybrid and remote work has sky-rocketed, productivity has increased, new roles have emerged. But will they remain? 


As employers and their workers are faced with newer challenges - a competitive talent landscape, empty real estate, a burnt out workforce and rocky economic climate - what will the workplace of 2024 look like?


We spoke to some of our friends and colleagues, and invited them each to share a “Postcard from the future”, with a headline that they expect or would love to see 12 months from today. It was no surprise to us that they see a bright future.


Record satisfaction


“Record-high employee engagement scores across organizations tell us the debate about the ‘where’ of knowledge work – the physical or proximity aspects of it – is over. Employees have won.”

Robert Teed, Founder & Chief Coaching Officer, Integri Group


“Extreme engagement eclipses quiet quitting and satisfaction with work soars: What’s behind the trend.”

Tracy Bower, Vice President of Workplace Insights, Steelcase


“Mandates dropped as companies realize grown adults prefer agency and autonomy (and it makes them happier and more productive!!)”

Simon Davis, Founder & CEO, Purposeful Intent


Work from where it works


“3D printing advancements make hybrid work more equitable across manufacturing industries. Unforeseen hyperloop success begins redistribution of American workforce. Hybrid Work = New Normal - "Why were we so concerned about this?" say everyone, everywhere?”

Matt Folsom, Global Head of Real Estate, Spotify


“Many companies in 2023 will evolve their hybrid work style to work-from-anywhere work style for their knowledge workers. Forward thinking companies will review their purpose, mission and goals and determine the work-from-anywhere work model to provide the best opportunity for their organization to meet their corporate objectives.”

Steve Todd, Global Head of Workplace, Nasdaq


“Hybrid working models actually work for teams, not just individuals.”

Andrew Millar, Founder & CEO, Relogix


Protecting our mental health


“Hybrid work curbs anxiety and depression as society acknowledges 'no man is an island'.”

Dan Bladen, Co-Founder & CEO, Kadence


“United States and EU pioneer knowledge worker protections - fewer meetings, more productivity, healthier balance.”

Corrine Murray, Founder, Agate


"The holy grail revealed... Workers find personal balance and fulfillment working for value based companies that offer choice and flexibility."

Sara Anderson, Head of Real Estate & Workplace Effectiveness, Genentech


“Stress is down, productivity is up; Workers are thriving at home and in coworking spaces.”

Ashley Proctor, Founder & Coworking Consultant, Creative Blueprint




“Commercial real estate industry actively considers a more meaningful and sustainable legacy for future generations.”

Chris Kane, Director / Co-Founder, Six Ideas


“No one is talking about hybrid working anymore. Major occupiers share space to operate sustainably. New era of customer service for CRE. Workspace on demand now the norm.”

Chris Early, Head of Acquisition Freshwave




“The Great Reset vs. Global Recession – workers win in 2nd overtime.”

Chris Mach, Director - Global Workplace Strategy & Support, AT&T


“Faced with limited/no ability to buy or upgrade their homes, people start buying phone booths for their homes.”

Jerome Chang, Founder, Blankspaces


"Sovereign Wealth Leads $50B investment in PE fund to Acquire 200M SF of US Office Assets and Reinvent Office Investing."

John Arenas, CEO, Serendipity Labs


A change of use


"Tech companies with LARGE real estate footprints in urban centers convert some office space for overnight accommodations and/or short-term stays to drive IRL for value-creating teams."

Lisa Picard, Partner, Sway Ventures


A return to the office?


“Future of work comes full circle as employees look to re-engage at the office. Landlords finally see value in adding useful building amenities to retain and attract tenants. VR headset sales up as remote workers use tech to feel like they’re in the office. Tumbleweeds take over Downtown as people realize having space makes you happy.”

Matt Holland, Director, Americas Workplace, VMWare


“Study shows direct correlation between low flexibility and high turnover. Federal law now prohibits employee monitoring schemes. Cleaner air linked to work-from-home trend.”

Kate Lister, President, Global Workplace Analytics


“Trump introduces a new coworking concept called WeTrumpWork to fight the work from home craze.”

Miro Miroslavov, CEO / Co-founder, OfficeRND


Coworking spaces


“Coworking spaces become the go-to solution for employers looking to deliver on the experience economy of the workplace.”

Jamie Russo, CEO, Everything Coworking


“Shadow space will surpass occupied operational space in 2023, creating unnecessary burden for corporates. Return-to-work and home-work is set to compete with 3rd spaces as ‘f2f connections’ will rise in terms of importance and become more critical to productivity than the physical office or home.”

Dennis McGowan, Global Head Real Estate, Standard Chartered Bank 


"Coworking model is the clear winner in the race for community driven hospitality space."

Liz Elam, Executive Producer & Founder Worldwide, GCUC (Global Coworking Unconference Community)


Tech & AI


“Apple releases AR glasses that promise to finally get you off zoom.”

Omar Ramirez, ​​Co-Founder, Collective Inc.


“Generative AI Supercharges "Human-centric" Workplace Performance”

Peter Miscovich, Executive Managing Director & Global Future of Work Leader, JLL


The rise in flex workspace


“Landlords finally realize that they are losing tenants due to their lack of flex workspace within their portfolios.”

Giovanni Palavacini, Principal - Flexible Office Solutions, Avison Young


“Data shows landlords who partner with coworking operators to provide holistic workspace solutions are outperforming their competitors. Operators are rising to the top by providing more hospitality, while many landlords are racing to the bottom by spending more to build out underachieving generic spaces.”

Kane Wilmott, CEO & Co-Founder, iQ Offices


“Workbar acquired by Marriott to operate coworking throughout the world's largest hotel brand's portfolio.”

Sara Travers, CEO, Workbar


“Space-as-a-Service becomes an asset class. The world’s largest landlord in the future doesn’t exist yet, but will embrace remote work and enable distributed teams to work better.”

Caleb Parker, Founder, Bold


“Fed quells rising prices despite congress dumping gas on the inflation fire: economy and stock market rebounding with collaborative workspace strategies seen as a key driver of returning productivity.”

Bill Bennett, CEO, EXPANSIVE


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