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Spotlight: The Shop

Need coworking space in Utah, click to read about The Shop. A newly refurbished space available on our marketplace.
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Welcome to: The Shop


The premium shared workspace for the creative professional. 

Image of the reception space at The Shop

Space to meet, connect, collaborate or buy local art? Let us introduce you to The Shop.  Located in Salt Lake City, Utah, the Shop combines design, community, and convenience to offer members a variety of spaces to do your most productive work in an inspiring space. Image of common space at The Shop


You can expect amenities such as super-fast Wi-Fi, conference rooms, and private phone booths to ensure that your workdays are focused, efficient, and have privacy to make confidential phone or zoom calls when needed. Combine the full-size kitchen including both coffee and beer on tap with the award-winning architecture and interior design and you have a space that keeps work from feeling too much like work.


At LiquidSpace, we understand that every professional has their unique work style and The Shop SLC’s own art collection does too. The collection features commissions and curated work from more than 20 award-winning, Utah-based artists, a testament to their dedication and support to the local community. 


“You could see the attention to detail that went into designing the space to make it feel unique and reflect it’s local surroundings. From the moment I walked in, I felt creatively inspired by the space. There were plenty of different workspaces to choose from including common spaces, private offices, custom sound booths or the sunny roof terrace”, says Lisa Judd, our Senior Partner Success Manager of her recent visit. “Each floor had a different feel, whether you were after space with a view or touchdown space to get heads-down work completed. Everyone was welcoming and respectful of each other’s space.” 

Image of a private office at The Shop

Opened in April, The Shop boasts 30,000 square feet of stunning mixed-use coworking space. Whilst we know that a hybrid workplace program saves on commuting time and therefore our carbon footprint, The Shop, takes environmentalism a step further by being the first carbon-neutral space with a rooftop in downtown Salt Lake City. 

Where focus and structure meet artistic freedom The Shop is ideal for any business looking for space for teams to work while enjoying unique art and supporting the local community. The Shop offers private offices, meeting rooms, common spaces, and event spaces whenever you or your team need space outside of your HQ.

Image of a meeting room space at The Shop

The Shop is available to book on-demand on our marketplace or add it to your curated network of coworking venues as part of your hybrid workplace program, with our Enterprise solution. Get in touch to find out how our team of experts can help you tailor your future hybrid workplace. 



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