10 Coworking Spots to Discover in Europe

Always dreamed of a summer exploring Europe? As global digital nomadism rises, coworking spots are springing up in towns and cities across the globe. Check out some of the European coworking spaces available to book on the LiquidSpace marketplace.

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It’s impossible to ignore the volume of coworking spots springing up in towns and cities across the globe, alongside the rise in global digital nomadism and remote work.


Europe in particular has gained in popularity as a top destination by those who are ‘Working From Anywhere’, digital nomads, or just taking a work-cation. Many European cities - including Athens, Valencia, and Porto - have ranked the fastest growing destinations for remote workers in the last five years, which makes it a great place to engage with a community of like-minded people.  


But why? The connectivity, culture, infrastructure, mediterranean climate at this time of year and growing number of coworking spaces makes it extra appealing to the WFA community. With an abundance of historical and diverse places to explore, all in close proximity and many offering nomad-friendly visas, it's the perfect destination to embark on a part-work, part-travel adventure.


Coworking locations vary from vibrant cities like Barcelona and Berlin to tiny towns in Malta, Greece and Denmark, giving digital nomads the opportunity to explore and live like a local.


Fancy setting off to new shores? Here’s just a handful of European coworking spaces, available to book now on the LiquidSpace marketplace.



1. Aktiebolaget Huvudkontoret HK

Dalhem, Sweden




2. Lexington La Moraleja

Madrid, Spain




3. SugArfree Coworking

Bordeaux, France




4. Workers League Shoreditch

London, UK




5. Samaya Coworking

Brussels, Belgium




6. Palazzo Della Luce

Treviso, Italy




7. Han Spaces

Budapest, Hungary 




8. Talent Garden Vienna

Vienna, Austria


vienna 2


9. Vertical CoWorking

Porto, Portgual




10. Workin Sp.z o.o.

Warsaw, Poland




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