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LGBTQIA+ Focused Coworking Spaces

Happy Pride Month! This month we celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community across the world and we wanted to shine a light on just a few of the fantastic coworking spaces available to book on our marketplace. 

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"Inclusive workplaces ensure employees are safe, respected and able to fully contribute,” says Jackie Ferguson, Head of Content & Programming at The Diversity Movement.


At LiquidSpace, we strive to offer a diverse and inclusive marketplace of coworking spaces that support our venue partners’ missions and allow our users to find the workspaces that make them feel most at home.


Check out some of the LGBTQIA+ focused coworking spaces below, available now on our platform.



1. Sesh Coworking, Houston



Sesh Coworking has one mission -  to provide creative women, those identifying as women, and genderqueer, with a workspace that nurtures personal and professional growth, supports their natural lifestyle and working habits and fosters community through collaboration, learning and equal respect and support.


Founded in 2017 by Maggie Segrich and Meredith Wheeler, the coworking space has been dubbed ‘Houston’s first female-focused coworking space.’


The coworking space aims to provide their users with the tools they need to be their most effective, efficient and empowered versions of themselves. "We focus on the specific needs working women, a niche other coworking spaces in the city have failed to address,” says the Co-Founders.


“We started Sesh because we believe everyone deserves to work in a space where they feel heard, valued and seen. We believe the power of community is unquantifiable. And we believe that your workspace should make you feel inspired, productive, invigorated and safe.”


After spending four years as a mom working remotely, Meredith experienced the harsh reality of working from home alone — loneliness, isolation, lack of connection, and idleness. “I dreamed of a place where working women could thrive professionally as well as personally. A safe and supportive community where women could learn, grow, share resources, and ask questions.”


Maggie similarly wanted to get to know the other women in business, but found it devastatingly difficult to connect with them due to many New Yorker’s self-isolating lifestyles.


Being surrounded by creatives, women, business owners, and other dedicated and inspiring people trying to make an impact became ingrained in my life’s purpose


Together they have been bringing hundreds of women together since 2017. Want to get involved? Schedule a free tour today.



2. Knack Coworking, Seattle



Knack Coworking is an all-inclusive workspace focused on women and LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs - and their allies. 


Founded in Seattle in 2018 by Catherine Bye and Mariah Lincoln, the business is built on the commitment to shatter the statistic that only 2% of women-owned businesses ever reach the $1 million revenue milestone.


“We’re here to crush the 2% statistic by creating a professional space that provides critical business services, programming, and expert advisers who have a knack for influencing our members’ business growth," says the Co-Founders.


Originally as business owners looking for a home for their growing marketing agency, the duo quite quickly found that beautiful spaces lacked the immediate and critical business support they needed to function and grow.


“What entrepreneurs really need in the early days is access to practical resources and advice from experts in their field. Looking back, we could have accelerated our business growth if we’d had early access to resources like strategic legal advice, HR and recruiting services, IT help when it really mattered, and guidance from people who had built out a business roadmap before.”


“As most are aware, opportunity gaps and varying degrees of access to resources for members of underrepresented communities in the business world are an ongoing issue. This includes access to funding, mentorship, supportive professional communities, operational resources, and so much more.”


Knack Coworking aims to begin to fill these gaps by reimagining coworking to include business services and advisors in legal, finance, recruiting, IT, and marketing, to name a few, in addition to inspiring office spaces and like-minded community.


The premium coworking space is located in a charming, exposed brick and timber building in the Belltown neighborhood of downtown Seattle. This jaw-dropping space was built 1918 and reimagined in 2018 by the incredible design team at Olson Kundig. 


If you’re looking for a flexible workspace in Seattle, we can’t get enough of this space. Go check it out!



3. Trellis, San Francisco



Trellis is a new queer and female co-owned coworking space in San Francisco. It takes its name from a garden trellis, as the co-founders envisaged a unique and supportive space that encourages growth and where ideas can flourish.


Created by a team of female, queer, and POC founders, Rebecca Pan and her husband, Jason, and queer co-founders Beau-Robert Metcalfe and Brandon King always wanted to focus on diversity and inclusion.


"I think the diversity and creativity on our team embody that welcoming, San Francisco vibe that brought us all here in the first place. That's the kind of community we look to foster at Trellis," said Metcalfe.


Housed in a stunning three-level brick-and-timber building in downtown San Francisco, the recently opened venue has no shortage of space for professionals who are seeking a place to concentrate, collaborate or cowork. 


Take your pick of private offices, dedicated desks and open seating, and make the most of the on site cafe with artisanal coffee and fresh-baked pastries. Not to mention the popular wine bar with 12 rotating wines and beer taps.


"Trellis is the workspace I wish I had every day I was stuck at home during the pandemic. A beautiful, calm oasis where I can stretch out my legs, be productive, caffeinate, and safely connect with real human beings," said founder Rebecca Pan.


Book a free tour and go check it out for yourself.


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