LiquidSpace Partners with Codi to Offer Even More Flexible Office Options

Codi brings vetted residential spaces to the LiquidSpace marketplace to accommodate the increased demand for on-demand office options

LiquidSpace and Codi have partnered to bring vetted residential property to the flexible office economy for more near-home options that support increased remote work demands. LiquidSpace, the on-demand office company provides access to real-time office inventory on flexible terms with over 11,000 venue partners across 2500 cities. Codi, the home-based coworking community designed to connect and create space for remote workers in the neighborhoods where they live, opens homes to the flexible office market. 

As more and more people have been told to work remotely to accommodate office de-densification, the need for remote work options is expected to increase. The increase in demand for remote workspaces will come in the form of near-home needs in suburban areas as well as more private space options in the larger urban areas.

Today, companies of all sizes are faced with uncertain and challenging workplace conditions. While many employees are working from home it is clear this may not be ideal for every situation. Alternative work environments such as coffee shops and drop-in desks, may not feel safe. Companies will be looking for safe, private on-demand, flexible office solutions to accommodate individual workspace and team collaboration. 

“We are focused on creating safe, convenient, and welcoming spaces for any remote workers, particularly parents of young children, seeking respite from the isolating and distracting work-from-home experience. We’re excited to partner with LiquidSpace to bring Codi’s vetted in-home workspaces to the broader community to help employees, as well as their employers, boost productivity without sacrificing their well-being to a crowded office or long commute,” Christelle Rohaut, Codi CEO.

“We are excited to be working with Codi to add flexible office options in the form of residential property that has been properly vetted for office accommodations and health and safety policies. These new office options will provide more flexible office inventory as companies seek to provide remote work options in employees’ neighborhoods and areas where available office inventory may be limited,” Mark Gilbreath, LiquidSpace CEO. 

Together, LiquidSpace and Codi will provide quiet, productive workspaces utilizing existing residential inventory to support local and mobile workspace needs.

About Codi

Codi is the leading residential workspace marketplace, allowing remote workers to find and list nearby home-based coworking spaces with all the office-level amenities needed to be highly productive. With Codi, local residents can host remote workers in their homes or book workspace conveniently located in their neighborhood. Codi’s flexible and cost-effective model helps any remote workers seeking respite from the isolating and distracting work-from-home experience find welcoming and productive workspaces without the sacrifice of a crowded office or long commute. Codi vets every space to ensure each meets or exceeds strict quality standards. Codi is available nationwide. Learn more at

About LiquidSpace

LiquidSpace is the on-demand office company, with over 11,000 venue partners in 2500 cities available on flexible terms. LiquidSpace provides the ultimate workplace freedom and flexibility making it easy for professionals to discover, contract, and manage all hourly, daily, monthly, and yearly, on-demand office needs.  Learn more at

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