Introducing LiquidSpace Company Values. Part 1: #Speed

This blog about speed, is the first chapter of a 5-part LiquidSpace company values series, you can find here.

Our core LiquidSpace company values allow us to dream big and follow through. We’re not just on the way to changing the world of office space, we’re doing so in a way that benefits every connection in the LiquidSpace Network. No matter how you’re connected to our Network, you win when we implement speed – one of our 5 LiquidSpace company values.

LiquidSpace Company Values Speed


So how does speed benefit you?


Work at the speed of you

Fast growing companies need workspace that can keep up. Whether you need a conference room for an impromptu investor meeting or a long term flexible office solution, like altSpace, we can help you find it. Book a meeting space for just an hour, a private office for the day, or an team space for months or years. When you find the perfect office match, stay as long as you like, and maneuver between workspaces at your own pace.


Immediate inventory updates

We’ve made it easier than ever to get inventory updates immediately as they arise.  With LiquidSpace Proposals, our network of venue hosts, brokers, and landlords, can get in touch with companies and individuals looking for space when there’s a potential fit.

Introducing LiquidSpace Proposals: for Better, Faster, Stronger Space Matches

Hosts can even send over unlisted inventory! That means if you’re looking for space, you have the opportunity to get a head-start and see a space before anyone else does.


Help when you need it

Our Workspace Concierge is here to help. Get in touch during open hours and we’ll respond to your queries promptly and completely. On every LiquidSpace page you’ll see a chat icon to connect immediately. You can also contact us by phone or email at any time. Our open support hours are Monday through Friday 7am–7pm CDT. And remember, there’s always LearningSpace.


Find the perfect office match, faster

Start searching for your perfect office match right now. No need to wait – you can see all our inventory anytime, day or night. You can even book an hourly or daily space immediately. And once you find your long term home, it’s easy to seal the deal and move in. You can finish your office search in a matter of minutes or hours instead of weeks or months like a traditional lease.


Sign, sealed, delivered.

The DASH License®. It’s our secret sauce in this recipe for speed. With Dash, you get no lease and no hassle. There’s no sifting through legalese. No lengthy contract negotiation. It’s a simple, standard, and safe licensing agreement that enables you to work from any space in our Network for as long or as short as you’d like.



We love implementing speed as one of our 5 core LiquidSpace company values. Thank you for being a part of our journey to make the commercial real estate industry faster and more efficient.

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