Never Lose a Deal Again! Introducing our Referral Program

As space operators, we’re in the business of hospitality, and we want to help our clients find the most productive space. But what if you have a lead but don’t have the right space for them in your location? Don’t lose the deal, refer them to other operators on LiquidSpace.


LiquidSpace has developed a referral program that will help locate another space for your client and allow you to continue to stay in touch. The best part is you earn money by helping them find the right space. When your referral books a monthly space through LiquidSpace, you’ll earn a 4% referral fee for up to 12 months.

How to Submit a Referral to LiquidSpace

  1. Log in to your profile
  2. Visit the Referral section within the Marketing tab of your profile
  3. Click Refer Client and complete the referral form
Submit a referral to LiquidSpace
Refer Clients from your Marketing Tab

Never Lose Track of a Referral Again  

After your referral form is submitted to LiquidSpace, a dashboard will populate in the Referral section of your profile, which will allow you to track your referral’s progress to finding the perfect space.

Track Referrals on your Dashboard
Track Referrals on your Dashboard

Get Paid! 

If you are the first to refer this lead and they book a monthly space through LiquidSpace, you’ll earn 4% of your referral’s rent for up to 12 months. It’s that simple! 

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