Introducing LiquidSpace Proposals: for Better, Faster, Stronger Space Matches

It’s a popular question, but tough to answer. Each professional and growing company has different workspace needs, and the LiquidSpace network includes a wide breadth of space options. When people start their search for office space they can filter their searches by location, capacity, space type, and start date. If the perfect space for everyone is not currently listed in our marketplace, we’ll leverage our host network to crowdsource additional available spaces that may be a fit.

To help the thousands of people who start their office search on LiquidSpace everyday, we’re introducing the new LiquidSpace Dashboard. With this feature, venue hosts can see who’s searching in real time, and be among the first to reach out with a potential space match. Our members typically book one of the first three spaces they tour, that’s why it’s essential to reach out as soon as they start searching.

“We depend on online listing sites for the majority of our leads, and LiquidSpace is a huge source for Level Office. The new Proposals flow allows us to see even more activity and reach out to people who are actively searching nearby.”

– Dalila Dzelil
Chicago Marketing Manager
Level Office

With insights on new leads in the market and recent searches, hosts get the benefit of knowing what type of space people want, in real time. They can answer the question, “what type of office space are people looking for on LiquidSpace right now?” For individuals and businesses looking for space, they can now get relevant, curated workspace Proposals from our network of hosts.


If you’re a host and you have an available space that matches any search criteria, you can now connect directly with the person who created that search through LiquidSpace Messenger. You can start creating Proposals from your Venue Dashboard right away. If you have space to share but aren’t on LiquidSpace yet, it’s free to join and start to see who is looking for space in your market. Take a few minutes to sign up today.



Looking for space? Start searching in our network to find the perfect fit. As we relay your workspace needs to our network of hosts, they’ll be able to reach out to you if they have a match. It takes a lot of the legwork out of searching for space, and we hope it will help you find the right space faster.

Thanks for being a part of our journey as the LiquidSpace Dashboard continues to create better, faster, stronger, space matches!

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