GSA takes the bold step to implement a hybrid workplace model.

GSA awards LiquidSpace to provide flexible coworking for government employees.


As the world continues to adopt a hybrid workplace model, LiquidSpace has been awarded a contract by the General Services Administration (GSA) to provide flexible coworking services to government agencies and employees.

Announced on August 18, after an 18 month evaluation period, this latest announcement means LiquidSpace, along with its network of flexible office partners, will now be able to provide space to federal agency workers so they can work from anywhere. 

The new partnership has streamlined GSA’s office space procurement program with over 10,5005,000 flexible office space providers available nationwide on the LiquidSpace marketplace - a network of small businesses that operate as coworking providers. 


The new GSA flexible coworking program

The new flexible coworking program enables federal agencies and their workers to use the LiquidSpace platform to find the most economical solution. By simply requesting what size, type and location is required, users can make three different types of bookings including open workstations, dedicated desks and private offices. 

With access to flexible coworking services, federal government agencies only need to rent the office space that is needed for a particular team and duration. Spaces are available for durations of as short as one day or by the month, whether that’s for an individual government employee, or an entire team that needs project space for several months. 

Supporting the GSA’s workplace strategy, the new program also supports their mission to enforce workplace diversity, improve employee productivity and make cost savings with the responsible use of taxpayers money. Moreover, with the number of spaces available nearby workers' homes, reduced commuter times will also help to reduce carbon footprint.


So what does this mean for hybrid work?

The Federal Government owns/leases the largest office portfolio on the planet, and transforming the GSA into a hybrid workplace is no small feat.

LiquidSpace has been providing flexible office space to professionals and businesses since its founding in 2010. In the last decade we have seen the flexible office space market grow substantially with large and small companies leveraging these spaces to support employee productivity and well-being. 

This contract is a milestone for the development of creating choices for employees about how, when, and where they work; an indication that a hybrid workplace is the future.


Why going hybrid benefits employees

Whilst a successful hybrid workplace model can help the environment, it also carries significant benefits for the employees and the people that keep businesses moving:


  • Better well-being - It has been proven that when employees are given the choice of where to work, their well-being increases. Hybrid working helps to promote employee connectivity and create shared experiences by offering shared spaces where coworkers can meet, connect and collaborate face to face. 


  • Increased productivity - Space to work, whatever your work style, without distraction. Whether they need a quiet space to concentrate or a room to collaborate with the rest of the team, coworking spaces are dynamically designed to cater to a range of requirements, helping employees do their best work in a space suited to their needs. 


  • Employee engagement - Set the tone for choosing a ‘people first’ workplace model. By choosing a hybrid workplace model that grants choice and flexibility, you’re creating and fostering a culture that will resonate with employees. This in turn will support employee loyalty, engagement and an overall productive workforce who feel seen and heard. 


  • Support local businesses  - The GSA program requires small business participation; over 50% of the requirements for flexible coworking space will be fulfilled by businesses classified as small businesses. This means federal employees will be able to access more unique spaces in locations of their choice, and support their local coworking venues.


What’s next?

The future of the workplace is hybrid, it will include access to flexible coworking spaces to augment traditional leased space and working from home. If you’re a coworking space and you’d like to reach the GSA network, please email us at to add your venue to our marketplace. 


Enterprises who want to harness the power of flexible space to transform their workplace experience and offer the freedom to work from anywhere can learn more at: 

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