Accepting Flexible Office Guest Blog Posts – Submit Today!

Whether you’ve previously submitted your work or are submitting for the first time, the guidelines for submitting guest blogs have changed. Please only submit blogs with a focus on work from anywhere, remote work, coworking, flexible office, or related subjects. Kindly read the guidelines below, then direct your inquiry to

LiquidSpace is a Work From Anywhere technology company built on a a Flexible Office network. As such, we are exclusively accepting guest posts on commercial real estate and relevant remote work topics.

Guest Blog Posts – Guidelines

Before you submit a guest post, make sure to follow these 3 steps or we may ignore your message.

1. Review the content on our blog. This will offer you the best understanding of what we like to publish on the LiquidSpace blog. If you want, start in a category like Industry Insights.

2. Write and pitch a headline and short abstract. Once you get a feel for the type of blog content we publish, we encourage you to send a sample topic. Send all queries to In your query include a proposed headline or topic. Also include around 100 words, outlining the topic in more detail.

3. Upon approval only – send a full draft. If we approve your abstract, we’ll ask you to send a full draft. Remember your post should be at minimum 300 words, at maximum around 2,000 words. When you send your draft, be sure to include at least two accompanying photos, and any relevant links. We recommend you include 1 photo for every 300 words or so of text. Also send a short author bio and a headshot.

And that’s it! We hope you take full advantage of this opportunity to leverage our network to grow your own network. Heads up – if you submit a guest post to the LiquidSpace blog, you’re granting us rights to edit, publish, repost, and share your content.

Topics We’ll Consider

On the LiquidSpace blog we are looking for content relevant to the following:

• Industry Insights: the future of work, workspace tech, commercial real estate news and predictions, sales / deals related to flexible work, flexible real estate data. Any commercial real estate guest posts fit into this category.

Workspace Freedom: remote work strategies, mobile workforces employing flex office solutions, what it’s like coworking, working while traveling, flexible work schedules, telecommuting.

• WFA Spaces: local coworking spots, flexible work in your area, workspace communities. You might write a coworking guest blog or a venue feature.

WFA Management: how companies/enterprises are managing their distributed workforces as they Work From Anywhere.

Please note, this list is not complete. Query about your topic if you’re unsure – because you never know what might resonate!

Flexible Office Guest Blogs

To sum up, all flexible office guest blogs need:

A full draft of written content

Send this either as a Google Doc (preferred), a MS Word document, or in the body of an email. Do not send a PDF or any other fixed format. Use headers, bullet points, lists, and short paragraphs to break up the content.

A brief author bio

You can include any relevant links in your bio or on the body of the content. Although we may modify the placement of your links.

At least 2 images

One image must be your headshot. The other image should fit somewhere into the content. If you only send your images in a word doc, we won’t be able to publish your post.



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