Coworking in SoMa

As the number of startups based in the SoMa area of San Francisco has grown, so too have the coworking options.

If you’re looking for a spot to hop into for a few hours, the day, or longer, below are a few coworking spaces in SoMa you can book through LiquidSpace.

NextSpace San Francisco
Coworking | $25/day

NextSpace SF combines the vibe of a collaborate community with a comfortable infrastructure for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and creative types to feel at home in.

Rothenberg Ventures HQ
Day Pass | $25/day

Rothenberg Ventures HQ provides 8,000 sq. feet of coworking space in a brick building in SoMa, in close proximity to a beautiful urban park.

Coworking space | $25/day

PARISOMA is a vibrant and sunny workspace that fosters an experimental environment through coworking, education and events.

Sandbox Suites (SOMA)
Coworking space | $20/day

SOMA is Sandbox Suite’s flagship location, located just a few steps from Market Street Corridor, is a coworking space for professionals to get things done.

Open Workplace | $49/day

Hattery’s bright coworking space allows for creative brainstorming and collaborative activities, with a day pass the includes lunch.

Third Workplace
Open Workplace | $8/hour

Third Workplace is dedicated to helping others embrace a green work style, by being located near convenient transportation routes, and seeing to the needs of mobile workers. The 30-seat Open Area features reclaimed wood tables and natural light streaming in through large windows.

Sandbox Suites (South Park)
Coworking | $20/day

Sandbox Suites South Park is situated near Union Square. Decor includes skylights and stylish, comfortable ergonomically designed chairs.

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