Cool Meeting Room Names

The thousands of workspaces available on LiquidSpace each have their own distinct vibe, right down to the names of their meeting rooms. While the space itself matters more than its name, there’s an element of fun when inviting your colleagues to join you for a meeting in the Shark Tank or in the Bacon Fort.

Below is a sampling of cool meeting spaces with equally fun names available to book by the hour, day or longer through LiquidSpace.

1. Doberman Meeting Room
Third Workplace | San Francisco

Doberman - Third Workspaces

2. Shark Tank 
Grind Broadway | New York

Shark Tank - Grind Broadway

3. Pan Pan Conference Room
Creative Workspace at HBA | New York

Pan Pan Room

4. Bacon Fort 
NextSpace Coworking | Venice Beach

NextSpace Venice Beach - exterior

5. Chesterfield
Fueled Collective | New York

Chesterfield - Fueled Collective

6. 55 Vellum
Hattery | San Francisco

Hattery - 55 Vellum

7. Timberline Room
Workplace One-Liberty | Toronto

Timberline Room - Workplace One Liberty

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