The Hybrid Workplace Index | Issue 3: Q1 2023

We’ve aggregated and anonymized workplace transactions on the LiquidSpace Marketplace platform to identify hybrid workplace trends.

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The future of work has arrived. Here’s how to make it work for you.

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The Hybrid Workplace Index | Issue 3: Q1 2023


The LiquidSpace Hybrid Workplace Index provides unique insight into actual employeeThe Hybrid Workplace Index #3 behaviour when afforded the freedom to work from anywhere.


The LiquidSpace user-base is comprised of organizations of all sizes - F1000 multinational enterprises, dynamic startups, small businesses and solopreneurs - representing a diverse cross-section of industry verticals – including federal, state and local government, finance, insurance, real estate, healthcare, technology, professional services, legal and education.


In this report we will explore:

  • Continued employee engagement with flexible working
  • Trends in worktype (collaboration remains both King and Queen)
  • The average cost of flexible workplace transactions and how they are trending upwards
  • The work-week booking patterns of three F500 companies (Friday is decidedly not dead)
  • The cost of traditional real estate vs coworking - behold the ‘hybrid dividend'

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