At LiquidSpace Equality Matters


LiquidSpace exists to bring people together in spaces. Inside spaces, ideas change the world. Great ideas come from teams within which every member is respected, every member has a voice and every member has a choice.

Our mission has given us a front-row seat to thousands of teams and companies coming together to innovate and create breakthrough products. Each of these companies is composed of people in diverse roles, doing many types of work. The workers inside these companies are judged by their character, commitment, and contributions. This is how it should be. That is the social compact that lies at the core of innovation. You have an inalienable right to dignity, respect, and equal opportunity, no matter the color of your skin, your gender, your sexual orientation, or any other attribute of your personhood.

But that is not the reality for far too many. The events of recent weeks have shocked us out of complacency. As we ponder the deaths of George Floyd, Breana Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and the countless other lives that have been lost, we feel anguished and angry. These terrible events are a bitter reminder that systemic racism remains a blight on the American soul. Until we root it out, we will not be a nation that confers to all an inalienable right to dignity, respect, and equal opportunity. Equality matters. Respect matters. Dignity matters. Black Lives Matter.

The LiquidSpace team believes in equality for all and wants to take some actions to ensure we are doing our part. We have created an internal task force to find actionable ways we can individually, as a team, and as an industry make a positive impact on equality for all. If you have any ideas to contribute or if ever you have any concerns about racism as part of the LiquidSpace community please email us at

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