Amazing Coworking with Mateo from The Vault

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​I have worked at and visited many different coworking spaces in San Francisco over the last five years. I have seen the coworking landscape change in various ways over the years. New spaces open, and old spaces close. And I’ve seen the rise of the big coworking players, dominating the landscape. Here’s my experience.


My First Amazing Coworking Experience

The first Coworking space I went to was Rocketspace. The Summer of 2012 this was when it was at 181 Fremont Ave in San Francisco. It was amazing – made of beautiful brick and filled with interesting people doing amazing things. I went to many events you had there. The had amazing food to go along with the events, delicious breakfast, great lunches, and often pizza for dinner. I got to hear many people discuss what was going on in the startup ecosystem.


Coworking in SF

During the fall of 2012, I was working as a blogger and producer for the video blog Pop17 and we were located at Yetizen on the 2nd floor of 540 Howard St, in San Francisco. Yetizen was an incubator for gaming companies, they had desk open on the floor for people to use and private offices. The walls were covered with graffiti and amazing works of art. Pop17 had a large corner office and I loved it. There were many gaming industry events held at Yetizen every day. Yetizen shut down the location and now Eco-System is in the location.

In January 2013 Pop17 I moved to the newly opened Runway at 1355 Market on the 4th floor. Runway’s space was amazing and huge. It had great event space that overlooked Market Street. I loved the amazing igloo you could see right when you walked into Runway. This space was a good office for me for a few months.

In November of 2013, I left Pop17 and went to work for PITME a startup accelerator for companies out of the Middle East and North Africa. PITME was located in Connects SF in the basement of Club Quarters in San Francisco. The location in the basement of a hotel, with a restaurant next door had its benefits. We had access to all kinds of amenities. I left PITME in November 2014 and moved on to a company with an office.


My Time at The Vault

I started working at The Vault in August of 2016 the location is 415 Jackson St, in one of the oldest buildings in San Francisco. It was the first location of the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory. The Jackson Square location is something I loved at PITME. The Vault has the old brick feeling that Rocketspace had at 181 Fremont. The amazing artwork is different than that at Yetizen but, still amazing. The amazing event spaces we have at our San Francisco location host almost 400 events a year.

The thing that The Vault offers that the others don’t, is what makes this San Francisco’s penultimate coworking space. From day one The Vault has focused on delivering more value-added services to the startups in the space. The Vault has offered Accelerator like services to its members as well as discounted services from partners that you can not get anywhere else. We have developed unique and comprehensive programs that the San Francisco startup ecosystem needs.

The combination of The Vault’s location and physical space with the amazing services and programs that we have developed make us stand out in San Francisco’s crowded coworking space landscape.

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