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Benefits of a Hybrid Workplace in the San Francisco Bay Area

Keeping our spaces safe: running a Coworking space during a pandemic

GSA takes the bold step to implement a hybrid workplace model.

The numbers are in: Work-Life balance really pays off

How To Transition To A Hybrid Workplace Model

Apple's not juiced on a Hybrid Workplace, but here's why they should be

What Does the Rise of Hybrid Work Mean for the Job Market?

Corporate Real Estate execs are rethinking the role of the workplace

Returning to Work: Take a Glimpse Into the Future

Target Corp Goes In Big on Hybrid Work

Citigroup Embraces Both Hybrid Work and the Centrality of the Office

Microsoft Makes a Serious Commitment to Hybrid Work

Work From Anywhere? Salesforce Calls it “Success From Anywhere”

How the New Employee Experience Will Drive a Safe, Seamless Workplace Re-entry

WFH vs the Office: Why the Future of Work is Not Either/Or

Networking in a Newly Remote World

Spotlight on Jamie Russo, CEO of Everything Coworking

Work From Anywhere: Comparing Facility Management Costs and Requirements

Spotlight on Mara Hauser, Founder and CEO of 25N Coworking

Spotlight on Rebecca Pan, Co-Founder of Covo

Spotlight on Liz Elam, Founder of GCUC

Can You Actually Save Money by Working From Home?

The New Normal is...TBD

How Flexible Work Options Promote Employee Innovation and Productivity

T. Dallas Smith Built an Empire on Relationships

What Does WFA Mean for Facilities Management?

5 Reasons Why Remote Working Is the Only Logical Way Forward

Work Remotely: 9 Benefits of Working in a Coworking Space

Take a Break from WFH! 5 Breathtaking Destinations for Your Next Workation

Philip A. Payton, "The Father of Harlem"

Opportunities of Work From Anywhere

Don Peebles, Ambassador of the American Dream

Biddy Mason: the Former Slave Who Became a Real Estate Pioneer

Moving Back Into an Office Space? Here's What to Look for in a Space

The Pros and Cons of Remote Work

The Flexible Office Economy Podcast

Catering to Enterprise Customers: Q&A with Kane Willmott of IQ Offices

Will large employers embrace coworking? LEXC owners weigh in

Hybrid Workplace vs. WFA – What’s the Difference?

5 Reasons Companies Aren’t Waiting for Re-entry to Adopt Work From Anywhere

Is Work From Anywhere a Good Idea for Your Business?

Why 2021 Will Be the Year of the “Workcation”

9 Useful Tips for Avoiding the Hazards of Working From Home

As 2021 Approaches, GWA to Provide Flexible-Office Industry Insights and Inspiration for the Future

Workspace Freedom: 5 Science-Based Reasons to Welcome a Coworking Lifestyle

Is 9-5 a thing of the past? What it means to have real work autonomy

3 Ways to Support Employees’ Wellbeing as They “Work From Anywhere”

The Keys to Managing Employee Experience in a Distributed World

Large employers are challenged to forge new workplace models

Business Decisions to Consider for the Post-COVID Era

Does Your Company Need a Workplace Experience Manager?

How to Improve the Workflow of Remote Teams

The Future of Professional Dress: How Remote Work Could Change Your Wardrobe

Can Remote Work Save the Economy?

What Engineers Choose: Corporate Full Time Office or Place to Collaborate Occasionally?

National Hispanic Heritage Month 2020

5 Killer Qualities That Make Remote Teams Successful

Why you Need to Keep your Workforce Connected, and How to Socialize in a Socially Distanced World

8 Innovative Office Features and Perks that Will Make Employees Look Forward to Returning to Work

How to Stay Agile During Your Transition to Remote Work

5 Reasons Why Remote Working Is the Only Logical Way Forward

How to Protect Yourself in a Remote Work Environment

How to Collaborate Effectively If Your Team Is Remote

If You Can Work From Anywhere, Why Not Outdoors?

What Will the Future of Office Work Look Like Post-COVID?

The Office Isn’t Dead, The Commute Is. Worker Choice Is The Future.

Work From Anywhere. Introducing Membership by LiquidSpace

7 Reasons Why Shared Coworking Spaces Need Professional Cleaners

Mobility in the workplace: A trend that is gaining ground?

Bring Real-Time Booking Capabilities to Your Website – Powered by LiquidSpace

Reopening Your Coworking Space? Here are Some Steps to Follow

Three reasons distributed work is good news for companies (and their investors)

7 Resources Your Remote Team Needs to Succeed

Celebrating diversity in the flexible office market

Why Your Company Needs On-Demand Office Space for Your On-Demand Employees

Working in the Great Outdoors

At LiquidSpace Equality Matters

5 Healthy Habits For Remote Working

The Re-entry Chronicles, Part 6: Beyond Your Office Walls

The Re-entry Chronicles, Part 5: Gaging Success

The Re-entry Chronicles, Part 4: On-demand workspaces to fill the gaps

The Re-entry Chronicles, Part 3: Communications are critical

The Re-entry Chronicles, Part 2: Truly tune into employees

The Re-entry Chronicles, Part 1: Planning calls for big-picture thinking and a principled approach

LiquidSpace Partners with Codi to Offer Even More Flexible Office Options

What technology is needed for effective remote working?

What Human-First Companies Are Doing About Workplace Re-Entry

Open Status Feature Offers More Certainty in Uncertain Times

Reimagined, not just re-entry.

5 Changes Coworkers Will Expect From Coworking Spaces Post COVID-19

Workplace re-entry plans require flexibility

The legal community has a unique set of remote work challenges.

Post-COVID: the flexible office opportunity for landlords

Notable Coworking, Flexible Office, and Commercial Real Estate Podcasts

Video and Virtual Office Tours

Should subleasing be part of your 2020 post-covid plan?

Workspace re-entry. What every company should be doing now to prepare.

LiquidSpace is bringing transparency to health and safety at flexible office spaces

Health and Safety Policy Best Practices for Flexible Office Venues

LiquidSpace and Join partner to close the Flexible Office technology & productivity gap

LiquidSpace Connect – Integrations, partnerships and perks!

Never Lose a Deal Again! Introducing our Referral Program

10 Best Coworking Spaces in Dallas

Four Flexible Work Policies to Help Employees Achieve Work-Life Balance

7 Little Ways a Small Business Benefits From a Coworking Space

The Flexible Office Platform of the Future

8 Ways Coworking Spaces Are Changing the Culture of Work

Sample - How To Post

5 Facts About Remote Work and Millennials

6 Ways Flexible Workspaces Facilitate the Growth of Small Business

The 8 Most Unique Remote Workspaces in Phoenix

The Rise of the Flexible Schedule in Europe

Amazing Coworking with Mateo from The Vault

Farewell Fluorescents: Harnessing Natural Lighting in the Workplace

Market Spotlight: Flexible Office in Downtown Tampa, a Live-Work-Play Destination

Workplace Design and Collaboration: Core Tips

7 Tips for Training Remote Employees

How to Build Productive Relationships with Your Coworkers

7 Chicago Coworking Leaders Share Flexible Office Insights

Are Enterprises Changing Coworking?

7 Reasons Why Remote Work Is the Future of Innovation

Office Hygiene: What’s Hiding on Your Desk?

6 Tips to Improve Workspace Communication

5 Leading Operators on Why Austin Flexible Office Space is Booming

Are Remote Workers The Future Of Business Growth?

The Power Of Color In The Workplace

Best Coworking Space in Seattle Washington

Trendy Rustic Coworking Space in Soho — The Farm

5 Simple Ways to Outfit Your Office on a Budget

8 Tips from Working Moms on How to Strike the Balance

These Q2 Product Features Will Help You Close Deals

San Marcos Coworking and How Big Tech Empowers Small Town America

Introducing the Reservations Tab – All Your Reservations in One Place!

Not Just Rent, Now Collect Incidentals and Consumables Monthly

5 Myths About Working on the Road as a Digital Nomad

How Workspace Flexibility Has Positively Changed My Life

Our Customer-Obsessed Startup – LiquidSpace Company Values Part 3

Victory Workspace. 1261 Locust Street – Our Workplace of the Week

Workplace Strategies Are Shifting Towards More Flexibility

Simple Office Booking & Discovery – LiquidSpace Company Values Part 2

Space&Co. 580 George Street – Our Workplace of the Week

Introducing LiquidSpace Company Values. Part 1: #Speed

5 Tips for Working Across Time Zones

NOMA Workspaces – Our Workplace of the Week

Top 5 Office Amenities – Most Requested Amenities for Team Offices

Wi+Cowork Houston – Our Workplace of the Week

5 Essentials to Command a Flexible Work Life

The GUILD and LiquidSpace Partner to Create Better Connections

Accepting Flexible Office Guest Blog Posts – Submit Today!

TechSpace Austin – Our Workplace of the Week

Work-Life Balance Infographic – Read More on Tech.Co

COCO Downtown Minneapolis – Our Workplace of the Week

Workbar Boston – Our Workplace of the Week

Ready for altSpace? The Flexible Office Solution of the Future

The Park Creative, Los Angeles – Workplace of the Week

10 Tips to Succeed While Working Remotely as a UI/UX Designer

A Nightclub, a Gallery and a Coworking Space Walk into a Bar…Meet ECO-SYSTM

Workplace of the Week – L’Atelier Vancouver Coworking

LiquidSpace Partners with The Mom Project: 25% Off for Members

Dallas Neighborhoods – an Office Space Guide

Working as a Design Intern at LiquidSpace – Ivy Li

Workplace of the Week – Covo, San Francisco

5 Atlanta Neighborhoods Worth Your While – a Guide

Workplace of the Week – BOND Collective 60 Broad Street, NYC

Workspace Freedom as Lifestyle – Richard’s Remote Run-Through

10 of the Best Meeting Rooms in the World – Conference Rooms, Boardrooms, and More

Our Guide to the Best Neighborhoods in Houston for the Perfect Office Match

A Guide to Chicago Neighborhoods for Your Perfect Office Match

1 Million Transactions in 11 Months – Here’s How LiquidSpace Reached 3 Million Total

Announcing altSpace: Flexible workspace designed and delivered

Watch for These 4 Things When Signing an Office Lease

Exploring East Bay Neighborhoods – a Local Guide

It’s Not Your Grandpa’s Office: Options Beyond the HQ

Why Do You Love Your Workspace? 11 Lovely Office Space Traits

Silicon Valley and the Bay Area Peninsula – an Area Guide

Venue Spotlight – The Pitch

Explore These 3 Neighborhoods in Los Angeles

4 Ways to Stay Healthy at Work

If You’re Going to San Francisco…Check Out These Neighborhoods

5 Essential Elements of Office Space Design

An Introduction to Boston’s Top Neighborhoods

Introducing LiquidSpace Proposals: for Better, Faster, Stronger Space Matches

Welcome to NYC – Introducing Neighborhoods

5 Must-Have Office Amenities

Can We Guess Your Workspace Style? [QUIZ]

LiquidSpace Has Your Back in Case of Natural Disaster

10 Amazing Coworking Spaces in the USA

Coworking in Manhattan Part 1: Getting Stuff Done

Coworking in Chicago

Announcing Payment by Bank Account

7 Tips for Being a Considerate Coworker

Using LiquidSpace Messenger

Power Up Your Hospitality: Introducing Host Referrals

Venue Spotlight – Level Office

How to Create Collections

5 Life-Changing Reasons to Work Remotely

Coworking in Toronto

Escape the Office Cube: Companies Provide Dynamic Workspace Solutions

Exclusive Report: How LiquidSpace is Building a More Inclusive Economy

How Much Space Does My Team Need? (part 2 of 3)

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