10 of the Best Meeting Rooms in the World – Conference Rooms, Boardrooms, and More

When business takes you on the road, what can you do when you need to book impressive meeting rooms, on demand? It’s simple. Plug into the LiquidSpace network and start discovering local conference rooms and board rooms right now.

To make it easier for you to book the best boardroom, we’ve Collected 10 of the best meeting rooms in the US, Canada, and Australia into a simple visual gallery and LiquidSpace Collection. Find your city below, or explore the tabs to discover some amazing meeting spaces from around the world. Take a look for yourself:

Room for 25 at TechSpace – Union Square, NYC

TechSpace has lots of coworking, meeting room, and private office options around the world. One of our favorite TechSpace locations is the Union Square TechSpace in Manhattan, NY. This location has a plethora of meeting rooms, plus plenty of other options for getting stuff. Check out one of the productive and creative meeting rooms at TechSpace:

One of the Meeting Rooms at TechSpace

Edgy Design from Bond Collective – Gowanus, Brooklyn

With real Brooklyn attitude, Bond Collective in Gowanus is an ideal workspace option for young professionals, startups, and other fast-growing companies. Featuring a handful of meeting rooms that can accommodate small groups, Bond Collective can be a suitable options for intimate meetings with creative people. Here’s a private conference room for up to 10 people:

Lots of Meeting Rooms at Bond Collective

Small Conference Room at Highland-March Business Centers – Quincy, MA

One of the most elegant meeting rooms on this list, this small space at Highland-March Business Centers is sure to impress. Featuring natural light, simple artwork, and a clean design, this conference room creates a work environment that’s conducive to teamwork and creativity. See for yourself:

Find Meeting Rooms at Highland March

Private Meeting Room at Work Better – Chicago, IL

This private space for up to 20 people at Work Better Chicago is a luxury conference room in an amazing space and an iconic property. Work Better Chicago is located on the 84th floor of the Willis Tower. So if you want to be a part of history while you meet or collaborate with the team, get a look at this space:

Looking for Meeting Rooms in the Willis Tower?

Unique Meeting Space at Campsyte – San Francisco, CA

One of the most unique spaces on this list is a meeting room at Campsyte (Protocamp) for up to 8 people. What’s so unique about this space? It’s in a shipping container. Why don’t you see for yourself if this one’s a fit:

Penthouse View at Titan Offices – Los Angeles, CA

You won’t find a much better view in LA than the one at this penthouse meeting room in Titan Offices, LA. Look over the city of LA as you discuss your plans for expansion or set team objectives. Get a sight of these breathtaking views:

among the meeting rooms at Titan Offices

Fast-Paced Meeting Room at Houston Business Lounge – Houston, TX

If you’re a fast-moving team, discover this racing-themed meeting room for 10 at Houston Business Lounge. Get things done and do them quickly at Houston Business Lounge, which has a plethora of meeting rooms and plenty of other workspace options. See this speedy space:

One of our favorite fast meeting rooms

Meeting Rooms on the Fly at Rydges Sydney Airport – Sydney, Australia

Known as the Skyhawk Room, this large meeting room can accommodate up to 30 people at once, and it’s perfect for frequent flyers because it’s located right at the airport. If you need a jumping off point, this or one of the other meeting rooms at Rydges Sydney Airport, could be the perfect fit:

Meeting Rooms at the Airport

Professional Meeting Space at Boss Business Centres – Burnaby, BC

A roundtable with comfortable furnishings, this meeting room is suitable for small team discussions and quick meetings. Because this space can accommodate up to 5 people at once, we recommend you utilize it for planning, investor meetings, or team discussions. Is this space right for you?

Top 10 meeting rooms

Rustic Vibes at IQ Office Suites – Toronto, Canada

Meeting rooms are what IQ Office Suites does best. This rustic space can accommodate up to 8 people at once, in an open environment with great, simple design and few distractions. For when you want to get things down, head over to the Temperance Room at IQ:

plenty of meeting rooms at IQ

See? Finding the top meeting rooms doesn’t have to be difficult. And with LiquidSpace, booking these boardrooms and conference rooms on-demand is even easier. Find the right space for your next meeting so you can focus on growing your business.

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