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    I admit it. I’m an avowed home worker. I love my non-commute, video conferencing, casual dress code, and occasional power lunch dates with my one-year old.

LiquidSpace at the NCRA: Online and in Person

Hi NCRA! We’re LiquidSpace, a sponsor of the 2014 NCRA Convention and Expo in San Francisco. This event is the perfect opportunity to meet with your colleagues, access world-class educational programs, and peek at the latest technologies poised to change t[...]

The Supply of Workspace at Hotels is Growing Rapidly at LiquidSpace

Hotels are not just for overnight stays; collectively, they are the fastest growing on-demand office space in the U.S. In the past year, we’ve seen our supply of hotel workspaces grow by more than 1000%. Meeting rooms and shared workspace in hotels[...]

Make The Planet Smile: Get Involved this Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day! Today, people around the world are lending a hand to raise awareness and taking action to address some the environmental challenges of our time. Across the country, teams of volunteers are cleaning up neighborhoods, planting trees, and[...]

LiquidSpace Addresses “Heartbleed” Security Vulnerability

On Monday, the OpenSSL project released an update to address a serious security vulnerability nicknamed “Heartbleed”. This vulnerability impacts the encryption used for internet communications and could allow access to decrypted HTTPS traffic.[...]

Rent An Office By the Hour (For Real)

Bravo to our friends at Airbnb for a well-executed April Fool’s Day joke. We couldn’t let the opportunity pass us by to share a few actual professional workspaces you can rent by the hour. More than 16,000 companies use LiquidSpace to find and book fle[...]